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Back to Team Notre Dame!!

Here’s a big announcement, folks!!

I’m team Notre Dame again once Duke’s season is over! Just a note to say that I want to be upfront with everybody and say that I am probably cheering for Duke through the rest of this basketball season. I will then switch to Notre Dame. I realize everyone will think I am the biggest team hopper, because they already do, but it’s my freedom! I am excited about the recruits that Notre Dame is signing in lots of different sports! Nothing against Duke, Coach K is a super coach, but I think it’s time to go all in on the Irish. I will still respect what Duke does, and what Scott Frost does at Nebraska, but get ready for lots of Notre Dame posts and tweets! If you don’t want to see Irish stuff after this season, this is your warning and opportunity to unfollow or unfriend me! Go Irish!!! 🍀🍀🍀

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I’ve Switched To Being A Notre Dame Fan In ALL SPORTS!

Last week, I shared this news on social media. I’ve switched from being a Duke fan to rooting for the University of Notre Dame! Go Irish!

I have decided to become a #universityofnotredame fan!! Go Irish! ☘️☘️☘️

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He’d Better Learn The Difference Between Apart And A Part!

Above is a tweet that was tweeted yesterday, by a young man who has committed to playing for Notre Dame basketball named Dane Goodwin. It has been retweeted by Notre Dame recruiting coordinator/defensive line coach Mike Elston and Notre Dame’s basketball video coordinator Eric Atkins. Hopefully you all can see his blatant grammar error. Notre Dame is a rigorous academic campus. If Dane Goodwin messes up apart vs. a part on a college essay, you’ll know why. Atkins should have direct messaged him and said “We’re pumped you’ve committed, yet we want you to delete and repost the tweet, and show the correct apart vs. a part knowledge!

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