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Warsaw (Indiana) Never Had Its Annual Fall Festival! 

Someone I know through some other folks tweeted that it’s December 31 and Warsaw, Indiana, never had its supposed annual fall festival like they did when Ben Higgins of The Bachelor returned for his hometown visit. 

I think that is interesting. I think the producers of the show made it seem like it was an every year thing. I don’t know that anyone ever thought we would actually have one this year, but it’s interesting to think about how that looks in the rearview mirror. Was one talked about? Was it ever thought that in order to continue the storyline, that one must be held? Could they have just said it is a downtown block party or something and passed it off as a First Friday? I remember that the filming was accomplished on a Sunday evening, but perhaps saying it was a first Friday would have been really smooth and not looked as awkward. Perhaps the television show could have paid the city some money to keep it rolling every year to stay consistent or what not

I guess in Hollywood it is OK to say something happens every year even when it really doesn’t ha ha. That’s very interesting.

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