I just had a thought this afternoon while I was walking, and it is a thought that many people have probably had before me, although I don’t really know how logical it is, or if it would be discriminatory or not. There are a large number of high schools, probably most high schools, that offer honors classes. Students can take honors math classes and honors language classes among others. I think a class that could be offered would be honors physical education, commonly called P.E. class.

Usually honors classes carry some kind of weighted G.P.A. addition to them. I attended Warsaw Community High School here in Indiana, and at Warsaw,  the top students in the class take honors classes, and it is not uncommon for the top students to have a grade point averages over 13.0. I would think that having a physical education honors class would maybe give those students that had been superior athletically in elementary and middle school a chance to take an honors class where they can learn physical education with the students that they best fit with athletically.

This kind of thing could be seen as discriminatory, but who knows. Maybe the parents of some of the less-skilled athletes would feel like their kid was getting left out. A positive that I see, is that maybe a student struggling with their grade point average could take this honors physical education class, and if they got an A+, it would really help their overall high school grade point average. What do you think? Comments are welcome!