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Supposedly refusing a shot drink in Russia is bad etiquette! 

I just watched a YouTube video where in Russia it is not good etiquette to refuse a shot drink, such as vodka. I know a lot of people that do not drink alcohol at all due to their relationship with Christ or another deity, plus those that do not drink because they are attempting to become sober and don’t want to re-open a life of alcoholism. Is there a way out especially for those who do not want to drink because they have struggled with it in the past? I heard that Russians do not see one shot as any big deal, however I know that there are some people that if they try that one shot, it could be catastrophic for them. What should be done in that instance?


Rex Tillerson (Secretary of State) and Terry Branstad (U.S. Ambassador To China) Are Excellent Choices By President-Elect Trump!

I am a big-time fan of the personnel/human resources choices that President-Elect Donald Trump is making. He is connecting his administration with people that are friends with other governments. This is cool stuff!

Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State is absolutely awesome! Rex Tillerson, the chief executive officer of Exxon Mobil, has very close ties to people in Russia. He’s been awarded the 2013 Order of Friendship Award by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He knows Putin well. This is awesome!!! Searching “Rex Tillerson” on the Kremlin website provides six results. Tillerson knows and is comfortable with Putin. Putin knows and is comfortable with Tillerson! I love this so much!!! The United States and Russia will be allies like never before with this! I cannot wait to see footage from Tillerson’s first visit to Russia as Secretary of State! Hugs all around! Will be amazing and touching! Rex knows Russia well, and so going to Moscow will be fun for him, and he’ll receive the warmest welcome!

Also, I love that President-Elect Trump has picked Iowa governor Terry Branstad, as U.S. Ambassador to China. Branstad has known China’s President Xi Jinping since the 1980’s, and the two are friends. I know that we are not Communists here in America, but hey, having a guy be your ambassador to China that is buds with the President cannot hurt at all. I am pumped!!!


Thank You America!!!

Thank you to the United States of America for preserving our great nation by draining the swamp yesterday! We’ll have a Republican President & Vice President, plus both a Republican Senate and House of Representatives! We’ll retain the majority in Congress! It was a great day in both my home state of Indiana, and our nation as well! Russia is pumped too, because they want to be allies with us again. Russian President Vladimir Putin does not agree with the current administration, but is pumped to work with the awesome crew taking leadership on 1/20/2017! You’ll love the people President-elect Trump is considering for his Cabinet! Our Supreme Court will be awesome too, because Antonin Scalia’s successor will be someone who loves America and loves liberty! Get pumped America, you just elected a great team! Let them help make America great again!

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