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Happy Birthday To Our Vice President, Mike Pence!



Congratulations To President Trump & Vice President Pence!

Congratulations to the 45th President of the United States of America Donald John Trump, as well as his Vice President Michael “Mike” Richard Pence! Today, they took the Oath of Office! May God Bless you gentlemen as you lead our nation. Below, you’ll see my official tweet commemorating the occasion.

Thank You America!!!

Thank you to the United States of America for preserving our great nation by draining the swamp yesterday! We’ll have a Republican President & Vice President, plus both a Republican Senate and House of Representatives! We’ll retain the majority in Congress! It was a great day in both my home state of Indiana, and our nation as well! Russia is pumped too, because they want to be allies with us again. Russian President Vladimir Putin does not agree with the current administration, but is pumped to work with the awesome crew taking leadership on 1/20/2017! You’ll love the people President-elect Trump is considering for his Cabinet! Our Supreme Court will be awesome too, because Antonin Scalia’s successor will be someone who loves America and loves liberty! Get pumped America, you just elected a great team! Let them help make America great again!

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