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I Would Love To See Any College Papers LaVar Ball Wrote!

I would love to see any college papers that LaVar Ball wrote. I’d like to see if he’s any better at expressing himself through writing than he is verbally. He did an interview recently with Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless, and the following quotes concern me.

I know there is freedom of speech, but he does little to sound intelligent.

LaVar Ball: “No, I didn’t have to seek no advice, because it’s mine.”

LaVar Ball: “He don’t have to play a game. He did more than enough. Look what he did for UCLA. He sold that place out, it ain’t been sold out in 10 years. What you mean he ain’t did enough?

LaVar Ball: “Because he ain’t Lonzo Ball

Does he know better? A former social media post of his, which has since been edited, confused worse and worst.

Maybe LaVar can use some of the Benjamin’s he is making from this shoe deal to actually obtain an education. The public persona he is putting out there is that a kindergartner can speak more intellectually than LaVar Ball.



LaVar Ball Is CRAZY!!! 

LaVar Ball, father of star basketball player Lonzo Ball, is crazy!! He says his son is better than Stephen Curry already! Lonzo is very talented, but saying he’s better than Curry presently is stretching things hugely! 

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