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A Suggestion For An iPhone Setting Tweak! 

Today, a friend posted on Facebook that his cell number had changed. So I went ahead and changed it in my phone. Apple has the setting for iPhone that it saves recent numbers that you’ve texted. It’s great if you lose a contact, but it should be able to figure out that I just changed that one contact. Perhaps it can’t do that, but I suggest a setting tweak that lets you turn off a save recent contacts setting or something. Perhaps it would be awesome if when you changed the number, a prompt that says this number will show up as a recent contact. Are you OK with that or would you like to totally delete the number? That would solve a lot of problems and save a lot of confusion!


The Facebook For iPhone Updates Are An Adjustment!

If you’re an iPhone owner (and maybe Android too), and you use the Facebook app, you’ve no doubt found yourself confused and in adjustment mode due to their recent tweaks. The gateway to the Messenger app is now in the left hand corner, while the area that formerly housed the Messenger gateway is now a Marketplace. Friend requests and notifications are in different places too. There’s now a video deal on the bottom toolbar as well. Quite frankly, I find it confusing, and I think Facebook should let users customize how they want their app layout to look. Maybe they do, and I’m just unaware of it.

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