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Tim Tebow Spoke At Grace College Today!

Tim Tebow spoke at Grace College today, which is my alma mater and my employer. It was an outstanding speech. Ink Free News recapped it here. The Manahan Orthopaedic Capital Center in Winona Lake, Indiana, was filled to capacity. I enjoyed the speech immensely, though I wish I could have met him. It’s obvious he loves Jesus, and his presentation and message were amazing!


Indiana Girls High School Basketball Sectional Championship Preview Podcast


Click on the link above to hear a podcast previewing the high school girls basketball sectional championships here tonight in Indiana.

Tom Crean Needs To Sign More Players From The State Of Indiana!

Basketball is huge in the state of Indiana. Not quite as huge as back when it was a single class tournament, but still huge. Indiana University is known as THE UNIVERSITY in the state of Indiana. Why on earth is Tom Crean not luring the big-name guys from Indiana to the university? A look at the current commitment list shows that guys from Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Georgia are committed to Indiana University for next season. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with guys from those states, I think it would be sweet if Coach Crean could reel in some of the great players from the Hoosier state! I have never even heard of the three guys currently committed. This being said, I’m also a Duke fan, so I hope Duke gets Romeo Langford, but it’s time for the Hoosiers to start drawing more in-state talent, much as they did when Bob Knight coached. I know guys like Cody Zeller and Yogi Ferrell have been Hoosiers, but Coach Crean needs to keep more Hoosiers home!

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