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Tim Tebow Spoke At Grace College Today!

Tim Tebow spoke at Grace College today, which is my alma mater and my employer. It was an outstanding speech. Ink Free News recapped it here. The Manahan Orthopaedic Capital Center in Winona Lake, Indiana, was filled to capacity. I enjoyed the speech immensely, though I wish I could have met him. It’s obvious he loves Jesus, and his presentation and message were amazing!


Rest In Peace Mrs. Barbara Manahan!!

Today the campus community where I work lost such a sweet woman of God, as Mrs. Barbara Manahan went to be with Jesus. Barb Manahan was the very definition of graceful for Christ, with such a heart for serving others! Her husband, Dr. Ronald Manahan, was the president of Grace College for quite a number of years. Barbara was a super president’s wife that truly served as a Proverbs 31 kind of a lady to her husband! 

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