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Facebook Censoring Pro Le Pen Posts And Accounts!

I am reading that Facebook is shutting down pro-Le Pen accounts as the election in France draws near. I wish that Facebook would just let both sides post. Mark Zuckerberg, by giving users a way to report fake news, is also giving anti- Marine Le Pen folks a free pass, it seems, to report positive Le Pen coverage as fake news. Let fans and people of all candidates have freedom to represent the candidates they love, that’s my take!


The Facebook For iPhone Updates Are An Adjustment!

If you’re an iPhone owner (and maybe Android too), and you use the Facebook app, you’ve no doubt found yourself confused and in adjustment mode due to their recent tweaks. The gateway to the Messenger app is now in the left hand corner, while the area that formerly housed the Messenger gateway is now a Marketplace. Friend requests and notifications are in different places too. There’s now a video deal on the bottom toolbar as well. Quite frankly, I find it confusing, and I think Facebook should let users customize how they want their app layout to look. Maybe they do, and I’m just unaware of it.

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