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Non Trump Supporters Who Are Condemning And Horribly Mean On Compassionate Tweets Need A Coach Knight Down 20 At Halftime To Purdue Speech!

I hope you love the title! That’s exactly what a lot of people that are not pro Donald Trump need to have happen to them. They need to be in a locker room at halftime with Coach Bob Knight in rare form, absolutely chewing them out to the trillionth exponent!! It’s those kind of people that are really upsetting me and a lot of people. People from Canada are horrified at what people in our nation do! They are thankful that Donald Trump took the time to send condolences after the bus wreck. Some leftists, though, do not think about what kind of an image they are giving people of Canada.


Democrats Need To Stop Obstructing And Delaying President Trump’s Nominees!!!

This message is to the Democrats in Congress! Please confirm the nominees that President Trump is nominating. 39% is a huge number, and is closer to half than not. Please, people of Congress, quit stalling and obstructing!! The President deserves the right to have his team in place. Democrats will find fault with every Republican, but trust me, President Trump knows what he is doing. To leave ambassadorships to foreign lands in limbo is not a good thing. 

The Media Has Priorities Mixed Up!

The media will take any opportunity it gets to slam conservatives. Instead of looking at covering only what President Trump said to and about the Patriots yesterday as he celebrated their Super Bowl win, they took the opportunity to say how the crowd size was larger when Obama celebrated teams. Why can’t we just have a media that covers the things said? The liberal media upsets me. We don’t need their biased opinions. Just cover the things the President remarked as he honored the team.

Congratulations To President Trump & Vice President Pence!

Congratulations to the 45th President of the United States of America Donald John Trump, as well as his Vice President Michael “Mike” Richard Pence! Today, they took the Oath of Office! May God Bless you gentlemen as you lead our nation. Below, you’ll see my official tweet commemorating the occasion.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 treats all of you well. I am excited for President-elect Donald Trump to become President of the United States on the twentieth of January of this year. He’s going to do a super job leading our nation! What are things you’re excited for in this new year? Comment if you’d like.

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