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My Bracket Is Busted!!!

Congrats to Buffalo! Huge upset of Arizona last night! My bracket is toast! I had Zona in my Final Four! Duke needs to win now for me to even have a prayer of remnants of some kind of a bracket left! That wasn’t just a one point or two points last second shot to win either, that was a 21 point beatdown! I’m not overly upset that my bracket is not solid anymore, it’s just kind of disappointing but not horrible. This is March, though, and it’s what the madness is all about! I was thinking Arizona would probably beat Buffalo by 40 points or so, and I think that’s what a lot of people thought!


Marvin Bagley III Cleared By NCAA To Play For Duke!

I am very excited to hear that the NCAA has cleared Marvin Bagley III to play for Duke University’s men’s basketball team for the upcoming season! He graduated high school early, and he’s a MAJOR talent! I am so thankful he’s on board! Go Duke!

Rest In Peace, Jud Heathcote!

Legendary college basketball coach Jud Heathcote passed away last night. Jud’s coaching record was 419-274, but even more impressive to me is his coaching tree. The list of coaches that he mentored includes legends names like Tom Izzo of Michigan State and Mike Montgomery (former Stanford coach). He coached Magic Johnson, Scott Skiles and many other notable players. College basketball has lost an icon! Rest in Peace, Coach Jud Heathcote!

Tom Crean Needs To Sign More Players From The State Of Indiana!

Basketball is huge in the state of Indiana. Not quite as huge as back when it was a single class tournament, but still huge. Indiana University is known as THE UNIVERSITY in the state of Indiana. Why on earth is Tom Crean not luring the big-name guys from Indiana to the university? A look at the current commitment list shows that guys from Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Georgia are committed to Indiana University for next season. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with guys from those states, I think it would be sweet if Coach Crean could reel in some of the great players from the Hoosier state! I have never even heard of the three guys currently committed. This being said, I’m also a Duke fan, so I hope Duke gets Romeo Langford, but it’s time for the Hoosiers to start drawing more in-state talent, much as they did when Bob Knight coached. I know guys like Cody Zeller and Yogi Ferrell have been Hoosiers, but Coach Crean needs to keep more Hoosiers home!

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