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My Bracket Is Busted!!!

Congrats to Buffalo! Huge upset of Arizona last night! My bracket is toast! I had Zona in my Final Four! Duke needs to win now for me to even have a prayer of remnants of some kind of a bracket left! That wasn’t just a one point or two points last second shot to win either, that was a 21 point beatdown! I’m not overly upset that my bracket is not solid anymore, it’s just kind of disappointing but not horrible. This is March, though, and it’s what the madness is all about! I was thinking Arizona would probably beat Buffalo by 40 points or so, and I think that’s what a lot of people thought!


The Ball Brothers Will Start Their Lithuanian Careers January 9th!

LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball will start their Lithuanian pro basketball careers January 9th. Here’s a short audio podcast I created concerning that.

Thoughts on Chase Jeter Transferring

Today, I learned that Duke sophomore Chase Jeter will transfer after this school year. He says he wants to go to a school closer to home. He’s from Nevada. So, I get that. Durham is a ways away from Nevada.

However, I wish he was still going to stay at Duke. This past season, a herniated disc in his back really hindered him. He had it surgically repaired in January. Chase really improved towards the end of 2015-2016. He had become a guy who was really dependable, and did a lot of things well. He also was a scholar, and had really good grades.

That said, best wishes to Chase as he looks for a new college/university! He’s going to make some team really happy!

LaVar Ball Is CRAZY!!! 

LaVar Ball, father of star basketball player Lonzo Ball, is crazy!! He says his son is better than Stephen Curry already! Lonzo is very talented, but saying he’s better than Curry presently is stretching things hugely! 

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