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The opinions expressed on this page about topics and people are strictly my own.

Aaron Rovenstine: I am thankful for Aaron, and his Christlike leadership as sheriff. He’s one of the kindest men I’ve ever met. Blessed to know this man of God!!!

Abortion: I feel that abortion is absolutely homicide. God is the giver and taker away of life, and humans should not try to interfere with it! It is proven that a number of ladies who have abortions experience stress and trauma, along with regret, after them.

Cleveland Browns: You’d think the Browns would be good some season, but they continue to be lackluster. A new zest, zeal, style, passion, and enthusiasm is needed.

Commander-in-chief: I feel that it is absolutely essential that our commander-in-chief be someone that has had military service. Some presidents have not had military service. I think that the person who is directing the military to do things needs to be someone who has actually done things and a little tired. Barack Obama, the current president has only been a senator and not involved in the military. He can say what is best for our country militarily, but I think that in cases where the leader has not served in any branch of the military, a lot of the power of the commander-in-chief role needs to be given to someone that has served.

Crossroads League: The Crossroads League is one of the best small-college leagues in the nation. We have a super awesome commissioner

Dictators: Most of them in history have been bad and evil, but sometimes, with the way lawmakers act, I wish our President had good kinds of dictatorial powers. No one should be able to be ruthless like Hitler, Mao, or Stalin, but if there’s a good policy.

Dr. Tom Krizmanich: Dr. Kriz has performed most of the surgical procedures I have undergone throughout my lifetime. He will always tell it like it is, and that’s refreshing. He’s great at his job!

Draining the swamp: I think there definitely need to be term limits for the House and Senate. Folks like Nancy Pelosi need to retire, and go play games like bridge or euchre.

Elizabeth Warren: I hope our nation never elects Elizabeth Warren as President. She has said the United States ought to be more like Communist China. That’s only one of a thousand issues I have with her, as her political positions are all very liberal.

Fake News: I fully support President Trump calling out fake news when he sees it. I love it! Networks like C.N.N. are full of fae news, and I love the fact that our Commander in Chief doesn’t submit to political correctness!

Freedom Of The Press: I think freedom of the press should mean the press has the freedom to correctly report news, and report actual news. It does not mean they are free to go on fake news rants.

Gun Control: I do not think that we need stricter gun control laws here in America. There is a lot of historical data that shows that immediately after nations legislate gun control, chaos ensues! Also, people who advocate it act like gun control would prevent the tragedies we have. They have no guarantee of that, they just assume. Do some research people, and you will see that a lot of the societies that have taken away weapons have turned into nasty dictatorships. We do not want that here in the United States!

Healthcare: Lots of people seem to be craving single-payer, but let’s go the opposite!

Immigration: There is a correct path to becoming a citizen of the U.S.! Many have entered illegally, and so the system is all yucked up.

Mason Metzger: Mason Metzger is one of the most inspirational people to ever exist!

National Debt: Our national debt is like Johnny Manziel, way out of control! http://www.usdebtclock.org/

North Korea: Honestly, I hope we never negotiate with Kim Jong-Un or whatever his name is. I think the general North Korean folks are probably kind and good people, but the dictator and his regime are cruel.

Refugees: I am all for good people wanting to come to this nation. We don’t need violent folks though. I like President Donald Trump’s policies.

Transgender Bathrooms: Men wanting to be ladies should not be allowed to use the women’s restroom due to safety. Have private bathroom stalls those can use so everyone is safe.

Voter Fraud: it sickens me how lackadaisical some folks are on this issue. I think President Obama was only elected through voter fraud in 2012. A lady voted for him like nine times or something like that. I would assume that massive voter fraud is probably going on in this country, until we do something about it, I will not trust any election.

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