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Statewide Tornado Drill Memories From High School!

Click on the link below to hear some of my memories of statewide tornado drills back in high school. Today is Indiana’s 2018 statewide tornado drill.

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LinkedIn Has A Huge Problem!!!

I just noticed that a friend was recognized for 12 years at a company. They definitely still do not work for that company. I challenge the #LinkedIn staff to find a way to work around this. The companies themselves will probably not be willing to say when an employee leaves, because they would probably claim that’s a huge privacy violation. The gentleman that I know has been going to school in the Caribbean for the last several years. As far as I know, the company he works for is a local company, and it’s not any kind of a company that has the exact same named business in the Caribbean.

Linked In would be able to see when the last time he logged into his account was. Perhaps they can utilize the last known email address to reach out to the person. Perhaps, if an account stays unused for a long length of time, LinkedIn can reach out with an email that says “ it does not look like your account has been used in quite some time. We are putting your account on hold but not deleting the data. It will not be visible in our system until you log back in. If you have completed one job, and moved on to another, you need to document that upon logging in.”

How many accounts have this issue? LinkedIn should get to the bottom of this! When you go to a business page on LinkedIn, it says how many employees the business has on LinkedIn. I wonder how many of the people on LinkedIn have issues like my friend has, where they have not updated their profile in years, and they are getting recognized for work anniversaries that are not happening in real life! 😂😂😂 blog posts, sports

UMBC Made History Last Night! They Deserve The Twitter Verified Check!

Update to this post: several days later, I looked and it is verified.

I am no genius, but I think that when a 16 seed upsets a 1 seed, it deserves the verified check! I would have done that right at the buzzer if I would have had verification privileges. The actual Twitter verification people will probably take days longer. I think I have a keen eye for Twitter verification necessities. Hopefully, you all enjoyed the game last night, even if your bracket is utterly toast!! blog posts, education, grammar, sports

Notre Dame Alumnus And Assistant Coach Ryan Humphrey Needs A Grammar Etiquette Lesson!!!

When I was younger, I always heard a couple of things.

  1. Notre Dame is a prestigious academic institution.
  2. Ain’t is not an academic word.

I realize this is Ryan Humphrey’s social media, so he can say what he wants, but I also think thought needs to be given by Notre Dame athletes and coaches as to how they sound on social media. I realize people say “ain’t” all the time, but a polished Notre Dame graduate just doesn’t up and talk like the tweet below on social media, does he? I realize that he’s just congratulating Bonzie Colson, and it’s probably not a huge deal to most people, and especially not to him or Bonzie, but he has “ND” in his username for Twitter, and that doesn’t look like the most polished grammar. Is that the kind of image that Notre Dame wants to give off on social media? I doubt it. I think I have a REALLY VALID POINT HERE!!! Notre Dame is prestigious academically. Ain’t isn’t indicative of massive grammar head knowledge. I don’t think it’s hugely professional by any means. Notre Dame needs to set a standard. Ryan Humphrey is lowering that standard. That’s my opinion! blog posts, sports

If You’ve Ever Wanted To Play Basketball For The Pittsburgh Panthers, Your Best Opportunity To Do So Could Be Now!!

If you’ve ever desired to play basketball for the University of Pittsburgh, your best opportunity to do so may be upon you. University of Pittsburgh athletic director Heather Lyke fired Kevin Stallings, and since then, 7 players and 1 recruit have said they want to transfer. Things don’t look too rosy for the Panther men’s hoops team currently! blog posts, sports

Tom Crean And Georgia Reportedly Have Agreed On A Deal To Make Him The Next Bulldogs Men’s Basketball Coach!

E.S.P.N. is reporting that Tom Crean and Georgia have reached a deal for Crean to become the next Georgia Bulldogs men’s basketball coach. I want to wish Coach Crean all the best in Athens. I know it didn’t work out in Bloomington for him to continue as coach, but he’s a genuinely good guy from everything I hear, so I hope the Bulldogs and their fan base embrace him.


My Bracket Is Busted!!!

Congrats to Buffalo! Huge upset of Arizona last night! My bracket is toast! I had Zona in my Final Four! Duke needs to win now for me to even have a prayer of remnants of some kind of a bracket left! That wasn’t just a one point or two points last second shot to win either, that was a 21 point beatdown! I’m not overly upset that my bracket is not solid anymore, it’s just kind of disappointing but not horrible. This is March, though, and it’s what the madness is all about! I was thinking Arizona would probably beat Buffalo by 40 points or so, and I think that’s what a lot of people thought!