The New Way To Do Math In Carmel, Indiana!

Carmel, Indiana residents, there’s a new precedent in your city for doing mathematics. Your school board totally believes this. You need to make sure you’re teaching this, and living out this new mathematical normal in every way.

  • It’s better if a basketball player makes only 3/24 free throws. Someone hitting 21/24 free throws should be benched. Making all but three makes you too divisive.
  • If 21/24 students in a class get A’s on a test, that’s MUCH WORSE than only 3/24 students getting A’s. Your class is just too divisive.
  • Completing 3/24 passes in a football game is mighty epic, and will get you D1 looks. Nick Saban will give you a full-ride right away! Bill Belichick might even notice. But completing 21/24 passes makes you too divisive.
  • Volleyball coaches that win 3/24 games will be talked about like the legendary Shondell coaches, specifically Steve Shondell, the godfather of Indiana volleyball, while only losing 3 games and winning 87.5% of your matches is simply too divisive.
  • If 21/24 students in your class vote to play Pictionary, and 3/24 vote to play Monopoly, go with the Monopoly because 21/24 liking Pictionary is too divisive.



Brett Kavanaugh Is President Trump’s Second Supreme Court Nominee

Last night, from the living room of my house, I watched as President Trump announced the nomination of United States Circuit Court judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. I’m very pleased with this nomination. I admire the respect that Judge Kavanaugh has for our Constitution, and I admire very much the family man that he is. I’m quite hopeful that he will quickly be confirmed. I saw that one of the groups in opposition to the pick had their “official statement” written, sans the nominee name, even before the pick was announced. Maybe that’s because they knew the potential nominees, but I think that’ they would oppose whoever was chosen. 

It’s Time To Get TOUGH On Punishments For Employees Using Personal Email For Government Work!!!

We’ve found out this week that former F.B.I. director James Comey used a personal email account for F.B.I. work. So many politicians have done this. It’s pitiful. We need harsh penalties created IMMEDIATELY, so that from here on out, people who do this end up serving prison sentences. We cannot let this be something that goes unchecked.

Why on earth does this keep happening? It’s time to get tough on this kind of stuff… way past time. Politicians and government employees can use their personal email accounts to email their high school classmates, and receive their church’s weekly e-mail newsletter, and all of that stuff. But when it comes to government work of any kind, the official email account created for that government work must always be used, without exception! We keep hearing that this kind of stuff happens, but when will someone with authority step up, pounce, and nullify it through signing it into law? We need to take a Coach Bob Knight down 30 to Purdue at halftime approach to this. The Barney the Dinosaur approach and Fred Rogers approach are not cool with regards to this!!!

A Duke University Sociology Professor Has My Kind of Strategy for Note-Taking In Classes!!!

If only all college professors and educators everywhere thought like Duke University sociology professor Dr. James Moody, Ph.D! In a 2011 class syllabus, he encourages class focus and participation, rather than utilizing your phalanges and a pencil/pen/keyboard to record notes of what is being said in class. Maybe some professors think note-taking assists the student with focus. He thinks it always leaves the students a step behind. He said he would post class notes on the course webpage at the end of the day. I never liked note-taking in classes! Sounds like Dr. Moody is my kind of prof.!!!


Dear Twitter, I Found Some NCAA Softball Accounts That Need The Verified Check Mark!

Of the 8 teams in the Women’s College World Series for softball this season, not all of them have the check mark on their Twitter account. I’m going to link to all that do, first. Notice the last 3 do not. Hofstra even has a verified softball team account. How do some of these fall through the cracks? I’m hugely interested in knowing. Oklahoma has won the last two championships. Why does their account not have check mark love yet? Surely, the Twitter verification people can easily see these are official accounts? I think that, AUTOMATICALLY, all of the big schools like these should have all of their team accounts verified. What’s the issue on why they are not?

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