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This Has To Be A Misprint!

How is Lake Central, with 5 straight BLOWOUT LOSSES ranked #13 in the coaches poll? If they were to Mater Dei (CA), and Bishop Gorman, and other top schools in the country, I could see that, but I’m wondering if that’s a misprint.

I object to #13 in this!! Lake Central 5 straight blowout losses? Warsaw is 3-3. IFCA coaches, what’s going on?

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Marvin Bagley III Cleared By NCAA To Play For Duke!

I am very excited to hear that the NCAA has cleared Marvin Bagley III to play for Duke University’s men’s basketball team for the upcoming season! He graduated high school early, and he’s a MAJOR talent! I am so thankful he’s on board! Go Duke!

Rest In Peace, Jud Heathcote!

Legendary college basketball coach Jud Heathcote passed away last night. Jud’s coaching record was 419-274, but even more impressive to me is his coaching tree. The list of coaches that he mentored includes legends names like Tom Izzo of Michigan State and Mike Montgomery (former Stanford coach). He coached Magic Johnson, Scott Skiles and many other notable players. College basketball has lost an icon! Rest in Peace, Coach Jud Heathcote!

Video Calling Out Michigan Football Coach Jim Harbaugh On Rostergate

I have made a YouTube video calling out Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh regarding what I call Rostergate. What is he trying to hide? He’ll release the roster tomorrow, I guess.

I’ve Switched To Being A Notre Dame Fan In ALL SPORTS!

Last week, I shared this news on social media. I’ve switched from being a Duke fan to rooting for the University of Notre Dame! Go Irish!

I have decided to become a #universityofnotredame fan!! Go Irish! ☘️☘️☘️

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Pictures From My Culver Academies Visit Yesterday!

A college of pictures from #CulverAcademies earlier today! The #steinbrenner Fitness Center is awesome!

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Above is a collage of pictures from my visit to Culver Academies yesterday! Former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner has multiple buildings on the campus named in his honor. It is a neat place!

He’d Better Learn The Difference Between Apart And A Part!

Above is a tweet that was tweeted yesterday, by a young man who has committed to playing for Notre Dame basketball named Dane Goodwin. It has been retweeted by Notre Dame recruiting coordinator/defensive line coach Mike Elston and Notre Dame’s basketball video coordinator Eric Atkins. Hopefully you all can see his blatant grammar error. Notre Dame is a rigorous academic campus. If Dane Goodwin messes up apart vs. a part on a college essay, you’ll know why. Atkins should have direct messaged him and said “We’re pumped you’ve committed, yet we want you to delete and repost the tweet, and show the correct apart vs. a part knowledge!

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