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Parents Are Ruining High School Sports!!!

I’m disgusted at how parent complaints are ruining high school sports! An example as of late that has me furious is how Carmel High School (Indiana) coach Tod Windlan was fired. Parents whined and bellyached to administration that he was too intense. I guess they want their kids to be coached by Mr. Rogers or Barney. An initial investigation found no reason to terminate Windlan’s coaching contract, but then for some strange reason, a week later, he was fired. Windlan led the Carmel Lady Greyhounds to a 25-3 record this past season, and had won 3 straight sectionals. Many of his star players have tweeted and made social media posts defending him. It hurts my heart to see how his family has had to suffer through this. Parents are RUINING high school sports! Why is it that administrators CAVE IN to these parents??? It’s garbage!!! 

Check out my episode “Tod Windlan Is Being Treated Unfairly” from Clint Johnson on Anchor:


Zion Williamson Has Officially Signed With Duke!!!

Zion Williamson has been committed to Duke University for a while now, but today, posted an article saying that he had signed his National Letter of Intent. He will be joining Tre Jones, Cam Reddish, and RJ Barrett at Duke this summer. Zion is the 63rd McDonald’s All-American signed by Coach K a.k.a. Mike Krzyzewski. He’s had 33 straight years of signing at least one McDonald’s All-American. That’s mighty impressive if you ask me.

A Great Idea For John Calipari!!

I think that John Calipari, the Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball coach, should reach out to Mariah Carey, and ask her to do a parody of her song “Hero”! Kentucky has an incoming player named Tyler Herro! The two are so similarly spelled! It could be played at Kentucky games, and Wildcats fans would adore it! Coach Cal is probably too busy strategizing practice plans and recruiting, and his mind is more basketball oriented than clever-oriented, I would assume, but how awesome sauce would this idea be?

Non Trump Supporters Who Are Condemning And Horribly Mean On Compassionate Tweets Need A Coach Knight Down 20 At Halftime To Purdue Speech!

I hope you love the title! That’s exactly what a lot of people that are not pro Donald Trump need to have happen to them. They need to be in a locker room at halftime with Coach Bob Knight in rare form, absolutely chewing them out to the trillionth exponent!! It’s those kind of people that are really upsetting me and a lot of people. People from Canada are horrified at what people in our nation do! They are thankful that Donald Trump took the time to send condolences after the bus wreck. Some leftists, though, do not think about what kind of an image they are giving people of Canada.

Dear Twitter, Please Verify Tre Jones And Zion Williamson!!!

Dear Twitter, please verify Tre Jones and Zion Williamson. I cannot understand why some accounts take so long to get verified. It drives me cashews, pistachios, and walnuts every day. It would do my ❤️ good to get some insight into Twitter verification. Are there just so many accounts that you cannot keep up? I understand that you don’t want to open up suggestions, because then even the piddliest accounts could get suggested, but I think I could be a big assistance and help. Of course, you might say well we can’t verify these accounts for some reason. It drives me up a tree, and back down one again, as I try to think what could possibly make RJ and Cam eligible for verified accounts right now, while also making Zion and Tre ineligible. 😂😂😂😂 I know they will eventually get the checkmark, but why delay even another second? I would go to town helping you out if I could! Some people say it’s all about the number of followers, however, that’s a moot point with this. Zion and Tre both have more.

I wish I could have a minute or several to talk with the people that run the Twitter Verification Services. I see tons of accounts on the daily that should be verified.

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