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It’s Time To Get TOUGH On Punishments For Employees Using Personal Email For Government Work!!!

We’ve found out this week that former F.B.I. director James Comey used a personal email account for F.B.I. work. So many politicians have done this. It’s pitiful. We need harsh penalties created IMMEDIATELY, so that from here on out, people who do this end up serving prison sentences. We cannot let this be something that goes unchecked.

Why on earth does this keep happening? It’s time to get tough on this kind of stuff… way past time. Politicians and government employees can use their personal email accounts to email their high school classmates, and receive their church’s weekly e-mail newsletter, and all of that stuff. But when it comes to government work of any kind, the official email account created for that government work must always be used, without exception! We keep hearing that this kind of stuff happens, but when will someone with authority step up, pounce, and nullify it through signing it into law? We need to take a Coach Bob Knight down 30 to Purdue at halftime approach to this. The Barney the Dinosaur approach and Fred Rogers approach are not cool with regards to this!!!


Non Trump Supporters Who Are Condemning And Horribly Mean On Compassionate Tweets Need A Coach Knight Down 20 At Halftime To Purdue Speech!

I hope you love the title! That’s exactly what a lot of people that are not pro Donald Trump need to have happen to them. They need to be in a locker room at halftime with Coach Bob Knight in rare form, absolutely chewing them out to the trillionth exponent!! It’s those kind of people that are really upsetting me and a lot of people. People from Canada are horrified at what people in our nation do! They are thankful that Donald Trump took the time to send condolences after the bus wreck. Some leftists, though, do not think about what kind of an image they are giving people of Canada.

Democrats Need To Stop Obstructing And Delaying President Trump’s Nominees!!!

This message is to the Democrats in Congress! Please confirm the nominees that President Trump is nominating. 39% is a huge number, and is closer to half than not. Please, people of Congress, quit stalling and obstructing!! The President deserves the right to have his team in place. Democrats will find fault with every Republican, but trust me, President Trump knows what he is doing. To leave ambassadorships to foreign lands in limbo is not a good thing. 

We Cannot Continue To Let Congress Vote On Bills They Don’t have TIME TO READ!

There is a bunch of garbage that CONTINUES TO GO ON IN WASHINGTON!!! YOU HAVE HUMONGOUS BILLS BEING PASSED WITH NO TIME FOR LAWMAKERS TO READ THEM! YES, I’m writing this in ANNOYINGLY LARGE FONT, because I think we need to take a Coach Knight down by 30 at halftime to Purdue chewout chapel approach. The longer we let this go unchecked, the more harmful it is for America. People should be outraged, inraged, and all kinds of raged. Granted, this tweet is from the liberal Claire McCaskill, but I guarantee you Democrats try to RAMROD stuff by us Republicans, like the Affordable Care act back when it was put into law. I know laws need made quickly, but how do we FORCE EVERY LAWMAKER TO READ WHAT THEY VOTE ON? It’s high time we get serious to the highest exponent of serious about this. Let’s POUNCE, and NULLIFY the PASSING BILLS, AND VOTING FOR BILLS WITH NO TIME GIVEN TO READ THEM! It has to stop, but if we just sit and do nothing, it won’t. I know Congress thinks they have TRUCKLOADS OF POWER, but what can we, the American people, do to ensure that we FORCE CHANGE? Let’s pounce! The longer we allow this malarkey to continue, the crazier this country gets!!! 

We’re On A Slippery Slope If Dr. Seuss Books Are Now Considered Racist!

Former first lady Michelle Obama would read Dr. Seuss books to kids during her husband’s presidency, but our nation’s current first lady, Melania Trump, is now being given a hard time by a librarian who thinks they are racist. What on earth is our country coming to? I don’t condone racism in the slightest, but it seems like one day soon even telling a person of another race “hello”, and greeting them kindly, could be taken as mean. Dr. Seuss’s books represent everything good about being young and having fun. If one can find offensive stuff in those books, they can find offensive stuff in everything! I think that Michelle Obama ought to make a statement saying the books are not racist.

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