Happy Birthday To Our Vice President, Mike Pence!


An Observation From An Interview With Some of the Manchester Ariana Grande Concertgoers

The tragedy in Manchester in the United Kingdom yesterday was VERY SAD to hear about. People were exiting an Ariana Grande concert as it happened. This morning, I was watching an interview that Robin Roberts was conducting with two of the young ladies that had attended the concert. I don’t recall the exact answers that the concertgoers gave to whether just one of them had attended a Bruno Mars concert a couple of weeks ago at the same venue, known as Manchester Arena, or they both had, but an interesting comment was made.

The comment was made that the security at the Bruno Mars concert was much more intense, and much more thorough, than the Ariane Grande concert security was. My question is: why was this the case? Were different security companies used? Did they feel one concert brought rowdier fans than another?

I know it’s probably difficult, at large concerts, to be thorough, but I think it’s a necessity. Police and security personnel cannot allow discrepancies to occur. In this day and age, I think that CONSISTENTLY STRICT AND STRINGENT security procedures need to be adopted in every nation, at every venue, and in every situation that people are gathered in large numbers.

I Would Love To See Any College Papers LaVar Ball Wrote!

I would love to see any college papers that LaVar Ball wrote. I’d like to see if he’s any better at expressing himself through writing than he is verbally. He did an interview recently with Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless, and the following quotes concern me.

I know there is freedom of speech, but he does little to sound intelligent.

LaVar Ball: “No, I didn’t have to seek no advice, because it’s mine.”

LaVar Ball: “He don’t have to play a game. He did more than enough. Look what he did for UCLA. He sold that place out, it ain’t been sold out in 10 years. What you mean he ain’t did enough?

LaVar Ball: “Because he ain’t Lonzo Ball

Does he know better? A former social media post of his, which has since been edited, confused worse and worst.

Maybe LaVar can use some of the Benjamin’s he is making from this shoe deal to actually obtain an education. The public persona he is putting out there is that a kindergartner can speak more intellectually than LaVar Ball.


The Media Has Priorities Mixed Up!

The media will take any opportunity it gets to slam conservatives. Instead of looking at covering only what President Trump said to and about the Patriots yesterday as he celebrated their Super Bowl win, they took the opportunity to say how the crowd size was larger when Obama celebrated teams. Why can’t we just have a media that covers the things said? The liberal media upsets me. We don’t need their biased opinions. Just cover the things the President remarked as he honored the team.

Associated Press Diluting Fresno Shooter’s Words!

I am very upset to read that the media is diluting the words of the perpetrator in the awful incident in Fresno from Tuesday afternoon. The liberal media is too scared to call out radical jihadist Islam for what it is. The Associated Press would only print the English version of “Allahu Akbar”, instead of the Islamic version. They’re trying to distance Islam from the story. This is wrong. Jihadist Islam needs called out for what it is. The media needs to report exactly what was said, and refrain from sugarcoating things!

Facebook Censoring Pro Le Pen Posts And Accounts!

I am reading that Facebook is shutting down pro-Le Pen accounts as the election in France draws near. I wish that Facebook would just let both sides post. Mark Zuckerberg, by giving users a way to report fake news, is also giving anti- Marine Le Pen folks a free pass, it seems, to report positive Le Pen coverage as fake news. Let fans and people of all candidates have freedom to represent the candidates they love, that’s my take!

Karissa McLaughlin Commits To Purdue!

Purdue University just received a commitment from standout basketball player Karissa McLaughlin! I’m stoked for Karissa, as she’ll be playing in the Midwest for the majority of her games. Family and friends will get to watch her play. Purdue is getting a strong Christian young lady that will bless the West Lafayette community! Fans of the Purdue Boilermakers will love watching Karissa hoop it up! Congrats Karissa!