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Welcome Weekend 2018 At Grace College Is Here!

Today, we welcomed all of our freshmen and new students to Grace College. I worked the Gordon Rec Center table with Angela Debbink. We took signups for a raffle of a bluetooth speaker, and also handed out rec center sign-up instructions. It was great to meet many of the new students, as well as their families!

Welcome Weekend! Workin’ that rec table!!

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I Just Can’t Even… With Twitter’s Verification Inconsistensies! 😂😂

I authored this post on Google+ yesterday! I don’t think anybody uses that network anymore 😂😂, but I use it a lot to vent about Twitter verification because I think the people that I have on the social media that people use probably get sick of hearing me vent about it!!

Twitter has the authority to suspend accounts, but either they are lazy, or they just don’t care about verifying certain accounts that are obviously authentic. I know that the only way every single Indiana University sports account got verified, is that they rebranded the Twitter usernames. I wouldn’t think Twitter would need the consent of sports information director to authenticate an account. I would think most of them would absolutely welcome it. And Zion Williamson!!! The dude still is not verified! It’s very easy to tell which accounts are It’s just a toss-up if you’re an Ivy League hockey squad! I think if I was a member of the Twitter verification team, a lot of these would be verified Day 1! There are lots of lists that i couls plow through and verify loads and loads of them.

How Many Things Are You Paying Big Bucks For That You Can Get Free Online?

I crave knowing how many things people pay big bucks for that they can find online free and legally with an internet connection. The field of education could be a great example of this. Are we paying money to have a textbook teach us multiplication, when with YouTube or many free websites online, you could get that same teaching for only the cost of an internet connection and a computer/device that can access the Internet?

Maybe you like books. I get that. I guess if you’d rather use a hard copy of a book than go online, more power to you.

I just wonder how many people don’t know that there’s lots of free stuff online. I know that, obviously, anyone can post about anything. You don’t want kids learning that 2+2=5, or that run is a noun while Jacksonville, Florida is a verb, because neither of those things are true. Teachers are given corneas and brains for a reason, though, and you’d think they could glance at something and tell whether it’s legit or not.

Is it totally worth it to pay the big bucks for Logos Bible software? i get that numerous books are offered, but I think a lot can be learned off of free commentaries and studying Greek online, on websites like Blue Letter Bible’s website.

Maybe you like the feeling of a gameday program or media guide in your hands at a sporting event. Maybe there are special features in printed programs that you can’t access online, and I get that. As far as rosters, schedules, and stats go, you can usually find that stuff online. Again, it could be a preference thing. However, if you’re looking for ways to save, look at what you can access online.

Wisconsin Badgers Football Will Be Amazing This Fall!!!

Today, my mom brought me a copy of the Sports Illustrated 2018 College Football Preview. One of the main stories in it for our area of the United States is the Wisconsin offensive line. I found the article online too, so you all can read it here. Let me tell you, Wisconsin is usually very productive and successful at 🏈, but I sense an even more special team than usual this coming season. The defense should be talented, but I’m especially pumped for the opportunities the big guys will create for Hornibrook and Taylor, two of their playmakers on offense!

My Solution In The Wake Of Jordan McNair’s Passing; All Teams Need To Enact This!

Perhaps some teams have already started what I’m about to talk about in the wake of the tragic passing of Jordan McNair at Maryland. Those teams that haven’t, need to.

    • Multiple check-ins with position coaches/grad assistants/student managers need to happen at every practice. Rather than reading through each name on the roster, divvy it up somehow. Coaches need to not only ask if everyone is ok, but anyone who looks ill should be taken to the on-field trainer immediately. For instance, with the 2018 University of Nebraska squad, quarterbacks coach Mario Verduzco, and maybe a graduate assistant should check in often during practices with quarterbacks Andrew Bunch, Tristan Gebbia, Adrian Martinez, Matt Masker, and Noah Vedral, to see how they feel. This should be documented on paper or phone app, and turned in to the college/university athletic department, and the athletic trainers/team doctors. I know paperwork can seem annoying, but, it’s much better than having athletes pass away. Schools that have enough athletic trainers or team doctors could maybe have those personnel handle this, as they’re more medically qualified, but coaches can also play a part. In the offseason, or weight room/strength and conditioning, strength coaches help as well.
    • Coaches need to not only ask if everyone is ok, but anyone who looks ill should be taken to the on-field trainer immediately.
    • Players need to be told to be HONEST. These checks are no time to try to seem macho, as things need attended to if they are not stable. It also needs to be stressed that LAZINESS and feeling horribly ill are not the same thing. This could get tricky. Some pain like heart pain might not be immediately visible. Colleges and universities and their attorneys, along with the N.C.A.A., need to have meetings together and discuss this. That’s the one thing that could be iffy with it. How do you prevent scenarios where athletes constantly say they feel terrible, even if they don’t. They could then sue the school for negligence, even if nothing is the matter with them. This needs to be discussed in meetings, and thought through.
    • This probably needs to happen during games, too, and that’s where it might get tricky for coaches to do it. Maybe during games with a short halftime, coaches/trainers quickly verbally ask and document the team as a whole, writing down any players that raise their hand that they do not feel well. Maybe a team doctor/trainer can golf-cart it to the locker room first, and visually observe players as they come in from the field.
    • All personnel inquiring of the players about injuries and state of well-being would be required to regularly go through training on how to do so.
    • Team doctors should be checking the health and well-being of their athletes multiple times per season. Perhaps once-a-year physicals
    • Perhaps databases can be made of all of the athletes. Athletes can check in as how to they feel as often as they want. Again, honesty is huge.
    • Coaches should never make a decision on who does and does not feel well. There needs to be a process whereby once referred to a trainer for anything other than pre-game ankle-taping or standard pre-game therapy, a trainer or team doctor must sign-off completely on all players, before any kind of workouts can be resumed.


My Solution To The National Anthem Controversy!

How about the two sides in the national anthem controversy meet in the middle? How about everyone stands, but we have the public address announcer ask the audience to refrain from speaking while the players have a chance to share from their heart on issues they feel strongly about for a couple of minutes before the game. These could even be pre-recorded videos or audio, if the guys were focused in on the game. Maybe during the week, the team videographers could record videos of different players sharing their hearts about the issues they are upset about. How about instead of protests, we give them an opportunity to be heard? Maybe if each individual player was uncomfortable doing that, teams could have whichever teammate felt the most comfortable sharing to be the one to do so. Must protesters always take a controversial route, or is there a way we can meet in the middle, and allow their voices to be heard, while still respecting the National Anthem? 

The New Way To Do Math In Carmel, Indiana!

Carmel, Indiana residents, there’s a new precedent in your city for doing mathematics. Your school board totally believes this. You need to make sure you’re teaching this, and living out this new mathematical normal in every way.

  • It’s better if a basketball player makes only 3/24 free throws. Someone hitting 21/24 free throws should be benched. Making all but three makes you too divisive.
  • If 21/24 students in a class get A’s on a test, that’s MUCH WORSE than only 3/24 students getting A’s. Your class is just too divisive.
  • Completing 3/24 passes in a football game is mighty epic, and will get you D1 looks. Nick Saban will give you a full-ride right away! Bill Belichick might even notice. But completing 21/24 passes makes you too divisive.
  • Volleyball coaches that win 3/24 games will be talked about like the legendary Shondell coaches, specifically Steve Shondell, the godfather of Indiana volleyball, while only losing 3 games and winning 87.5% of your matches is simply too divisive.
  • If 21/24 students in your class vote to play Pictionary, and 3/24 vote to play Monopoly, go with the Monopoly because 21/24 liking Pictionary is too divisive.
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